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Our Eco Promise!

Our Eco Promise!

We want to make a promise to each and every person who makes a decision to buy from us. That we will always do as much as we can to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

From the very beginning, when OMGPins was just a tinnie weenie idea baby in our brains, we had already made the decision to be as Eco as we could. It's something that we value and wanted to reflect in our business. 

With the ever increasing awareness that we must do something, with people like the legendary David Attenborough leading the way and documentaries like Seaspiracy hitting hard with everyone. We wanted to let you know that we hear you, and we're totally on board! 

As we're a new company, it has been pretty easy so far to ensure that our packaging has no plastic, we use tissue paper and paper padded envelopes to dispatch orders in so they can be recycled. We made the decision to not include printed dispatch or fulfilment notices in our orders to reduce unnecessary electricity and ink/toner consumption. 

The company that owns the brand OMGPins has also joined Ecologi. Which is a wonderful tree planting and carbon off-setting charity. Where we pay a monthly subscription for each member of staff who works for us, just to get trees planted around the world. A great part of this is that you can even follow our progress and see how many trees we have planted, and the carbon we have offset here.

We have our next steps in mind, and when we approach them and achieve them we will be sure to shout about it here. It is our hope that our promise allows you to enjoy your purchases from us even more.